Intellectual Property, Information Technologies

Intellectual Property

Our Firm advises on all issues relating to literary and artistic property (copyrights, related rights and sui generis rights), Industrial property (patents, domain names, and industrial designs), and related areas (unfair competition and communication law).

We assist our clients in protecting their IP rights (prior rights searches, filing of industrial property rights, and source codes escrow arrangements) and in commercializing their creations (transfer agreements, license agreements, and audits of intellectual property rights portfolios).

We also provide a broad range of litigation support services to our clients (notably by bringing infringement actions, unfair competition and free-rider actions, and various actions in the context of image and privacy rights violations).

While we advise our clients in many different industries, our IT/IP team has developed particularly strong expertise in the following sectors:

  • R&D and biotechnology (know-how sharing agreements, cooperation and research agreements, and Master Transfer Agreements (MTAs);
  • Broadcasting (chain of title and portfolio rights audit; co-production, adaptation distribution, and image rights agreements).


Information Technologies

We assist our clients in realizing their IT projects: call for bids, software license agreements, SaaS solutions agreements, hosting, information management, development and implementing electronic signature processes.

We are experienced in the issues relating to advertising and the digital sector (validation of marketing campaigns, quiz competitions, compliance with the Sapin – Macron Law, targeted advertising campaigns, drafting of terms and conditions, and online platform regulation).


Personal data 

We have also developed expertise in personal data and privacy law: processing of data, audits, compliance with European and French GDPR regulations, contractual framework (data transfer, outsourcing, and joint responsibility agreements), assistance in the context of audits by the French Data, Protection Authority (CNIL) or by data controllers.

The Firm also conducts training programs for its clients and is able to act as a Data Protection Officer (DPO).


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